Covert Surveillance Inc.
A Private Security Company    PPO# 16814

Security Resume for 
Phillip Cowan QM
 Qualified Manager, and Security Chief for
Covert Surveillance Inc. hereinafter, C.S.I.

Mr. Cowan is a retired registered nurse with 35 years’ experience in operating room practice and management. After retirement, in collaboration with his wife and their son and his wife, Mr. Cowan founded C.S.I. in 2009. 

CSI Owners
 Elizabeth Cowan, Chief Executive Officer (51%)
 John VanEvera, President
 Cristina VanEvera, Secretary 
 Phillip Cowan, QM BSIS Qualified Manager

Mr. Cowan has managed security contingents in Jawbone Canyon for two wind farm construction projects under two security companies for the last five years. Mr. Cowan is a “hands on” manager, preferring to stand watch along with the employees he manages.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
C.S.I. is more than 50% minority women owned qualifying the corporation as a DBE/WBE.  Majority owner, Elizabeth Cowan (51%)  oversees all business and personnel company functions.  Cristina VanEvera, Secretary (10%) is a naturalized American Citizen and a full blood Filipino woman. The company is currently in application for these certificates.

C.S.I. currently employs six (6)  qualified and trained professional security officers (three are arms certified) licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)  The company maintains a file of current applications from BSIS qualified security guards for the purpose of quick staff expansion when needed.

CSI Core Values
• INTEGRITY - We are committed to maintaining the trust of our clients and their customers and the community through honest, moral, and ethical behavior that is above reproach.
• RESPECT - We are committed to respecting the individual rights, human dignity, and the values of every person. 
• PROFESSIONALISM - In partnership with our clients and customers, we strive to provide responsive, effective, and quality service through teamwork, problem solving, and personal accountability. We aim to create an environment that instills professionalism, integrity, empathy, a high standard of ethical behavior, and the highest professional commitment to the client and community.

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